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Many if not all of us have heard of the term, “WILDERNESS EXPERIENCE” This term is normally used when one is going through a tough season, when the faith of a person is brought to a test and the inner you is shaking. It is when your whole spiritual system experiences a real battle. There is a whirl pool of thoughts accompanied by a stream of questions that seem to be unanswered.
Truth be said; nothing good comes out without taking a step of paying the price and experiencing the cost. From a human thinking, when you buy a very expensive gadget, you cannot allow anyone even yourself to handle it carelessly. You will always make sure you keep it safe and it will be dear to you.
The reason why I am bringing out this analogy is because, your walk across the WILDERNESS EXPERIENCE teaches you how to pay the cost, it disciplines your heart and frames it on the way it should and must handle things.
Once, I was in one of the many WILDERNESSES EXPERIENCES I have gone through and I am still waiting for many others to come. I thought everything is finished, because I reached the breaking point. My heart was failing within and my strength was fainting, I could not make a step further. I thought I was alone and too far from God. I could not go any longer, and the devil was actually preaching to me loudly how I have failed and how worthless I was. Probably I thought I had made a wrong decision to follow the narrow path, because it was squeezing me so much.
It was until I realized, in every journey of salvation, we must and should embrace the process of making. Probably you are wondering why I am saying this. When we make the decision to follow the way of the cross, we are migrating from the kingdom of the world to the Kingdom of God. The two Kingdoms are two different; the Kingdom of God is superior to that of the devil. When you run from the kingdom of the world, your ruler obviously will not be happy, and will try all means possible to make you return back “home” Now, for you to be accommodated to the New “Home” you must abide by its rules and regulations. The challenge now is that, your mind which was so much fixed and stacked by the package from the other kingdom, must be transformed, your heart, which was the parking lot of all thoughts and desires need to be renovated to allow it be soaked in Righteousness and Holiness that comes by it believing and driving in the faith that comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Therefore for all this to happen, your heart must be subjected in an environment that will suppress all that was initially in it. This happens in the pathway called “WILDERNESS EXPERIENCE”


The Wilderness experience comes in different ways, it can be afflictions, tribulation, rejection, and suffering loses in your business, struggles and challenges, missed opportunity and many more. All this causes pain in the heart and brings sorrow. But do you know what Apostle Paul told the church of Thessalonica? We have been predestined for afflictions (1 Thess 1:4). And we are not far from the saints in Thessalonica, we ought to experience all this because it is not meant to destroy us rather to strengthen and build up our faith.

Probably you have heard people questioning; why do bad things happen to good people? But in a wider scope, there are no good people. All of us, as Paul describes in Ephesians 2, were sinful and destined for destruction by the consuming wrath of God, but it is only by His that we were saved by grace. It had nothing to do with our works and acts of righteousness. The question therefore should be; why do good things happen to bad people? Because many times we choose antagonize God. We go against His will and we are carried by our own desires and pleasures. However it is until our hearts are conditioned to daily commute to walk with Him, hear from Him and be counselled by Him, that when He orders our steps we shall be faithful to take them and when He speaks we shall be careful enough to obey. Tentatively for us to reach such level of obedience, our hearts must be discipline enough.
Discipline is not created in a pizza inn environs or ice cream hubs, but in a sun scorched, rocky and bare environ, making sure perseverance is uphold, pride is dead, humility is vested, faithfulness is embedded and obedience is injected. Stay faithful in your wilderness and you shall come out a disciplined man and woman.

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  1. Neema says:

    Great great…


  2. Thanks for the encouraging article Okanda, keep writing for the glory of God. May the Lord help us to remain firm in Him even in difficult moments.


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