“Hello Daddy, how are you doing, I trust God everything is fine?”
“Hello Son, I am doing fine, am glad to report to you that everyone back home is also doing fine, God has always been faithful to us all. How about you son? How is academics and life at large?”
“Wow! That sounds pretty good, am also pushing on well; academically, spiritually and social life at large is fine. God has also been faithful. Though my pockets are running empty daddy, but am trusting that God will always provide.”
“Yeah Son, God is all in control, just keep patience and wait for some few days am working towards that, it shall be well, okay son?”
“Yeah Daddy, I shall wait, I know it shall be well. Thank you so much daddy and have a blessed day.”
“Blessed day too son, may God keep you and walk with you, have a blessed day too my son. Keep waiting!”
This is one out of the many conversations I have had with my dad. Sometimes when He tells me to WAIT, I feel discouraged and it seems it will get tough. “Why could you not just borrow money from a friend and send me?” Such could be the question streaming in my mind when I think of WAITING. Sometimes I hand up with a heavy heart, where will I start from?
But indeed a good relationship can only be kept alive and active by consistent communication. And just to relate this father-son relationship with my relationship with God, I have seen Him working in my life when I talk to Him and give Him time to respond back. And this is what Jesus reinstated in Matthew 7:7-8, that whatever we ask from Him He shall give, whenever we knock, the door will be flipped open for us, and if we seek Him, definitely we shall find Him.
Jesus continued to assure the disciples in John 14:14, that whatever thing they ask in His name, He shall grant.
I Am pretty sure that as many of us have always asked, in one way or another, God has always provided. But what happen when it is not coming instantly?
We are living in a generation that is so much obsessed by “I RECIEVE” and the bad news is that; we have many times “received what has not been the will of God.”
One thing that must be nailed in our minds is that; you don’t receive because your pastor declared, or the prophet around your area prophesied, or an old man or woman laid his or her both hands on your head and spat some drops of saliva on your face rather, you only receive a tangible result when God in His sovereignty wants to fulfil His will through You according to His word, meaning He is not just being faithful to you, but also to His word which He has exalted above His name.
Therefore what happens when it is not happening the way you had planned or fix? Do you WAIT? If you wait, how is the condition of your heart? Is there murmuring and grumbling

within? Do you believe it will come? Are you like Abraham; that against all hope, in hope believes in God all is possible?
As I said earlier, we are in a generation where we have been taught to receive things as if they are coming from the one proclaiming them on us. People are receiving vehicles they cannot drive, some of them even have never attended a driving school or took some training on driving, big mansions they cannot be responsible of, lands they have never toiled looking for, money they have not worked for, wealth they cannot keep, all because we have taken God as a means to get to our prosperity and when sometimes in His mercies furnishes us, we behave as if it came by luck.
We have been blinded that things can just drop like manna and we collect them with greed. The place of prayer in faith has not been cemented in almost many Christians today. We want things to happen as fast as we have asked. Matthew 7:7 is not just going to church and waiting for prophecy hour, it calls us to get to the church ground, bend our knees and call upon the name of the Lord out of a pure heart. It calls us to turn away from the worship of the things but the giver of those things.
One instance in the scripture is the story of Job. The devil thought whatever was holding Job’s love and commitment to God was the things God had furnished him with. And the devil tried to make a deal with God thinking if He destroys the things around Him, Job will turn away from God. Wait until He struck down everything and as if it was not enough brought a terrifying skin disease and Job’s faith was still standing and holding firmly on God. Whatever the devil did not have an idea of is that why could God tell Him not to touch the heart? Because that was where the treasure was – on God. The devil got it wrong when he started destroying the things that were not supporting and holding his relationship with God.
Therefore where is your heart? When things are not turning out the way you expected and you have to wait on God, where do you put your focus? Do your eyes keep on looking on the heavens where your help comes from? When there seem to be other avenues for a short-cut to your breakthrough, do you close your eyes and shut your ears and wait on God, or you see an opportunity because fimbo ya ,mbali haiui nyoka?
Patience is not the ability of waiting, but what do you do when you are waiting? Are you grumbling and letting your faith faint? Or are you watering what you have committed before God in prayer?
Many times I found myself after hanging up my dad’s call, after all rhetoric questions, I could find myself praying for Him that God could open doors for all that he see me need, and it could not take long to see my phone message app icon smiling with an M-pesa confirmation message, and I can confidently testify that God does what he has promised, if at all we allow Him do what His will directs. Shalom.

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